Employee Assistance Program

When you need professional, confidential assistance to manage life's troubles, the state's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help.  The EAP, provided by E4 Health, offers employees 24-hour telephone access to confidential help from trained counselors.
  The counselors talk with you about your concerns, give guidance and the right resources.  Enrichment Services is contracted as a preferred provider to offer counseling services in the North Florida area.  

Through the EAP we provide confidential counseling to employees and their household members to assist in solving personal, family and work-related problems.  The goal is to provide assistance to you and your family's total well-being on a variety of issues, including:

 Relationship marital counseling


Parent / child conflict



Personal development

Career planning 

Problem solving 

Work/life balance,


Anger issues,  

Domestic violence

Substance abuse 

Health / Nutrition

Workplace issues 

Personal issues


What about Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is essential to the success of the Employee Assistance Program.  Requests by employers for information about EAP and your participation are held in strictest confidence. State and federal privacy laws protect your confidentiality.  Seeking help through the EAP has no influence on your job security and advancement.  There are some legal limitations to confidentiality imposed by law—your counselor will explain this during your initial visit.  Your employer/boss will never know you are seeking help unless you tell them.

What about cost?

All EAP services are provided at no cost to you.   Generally, the program will cover six counseling with provider, in some cases that number can be expanded.  If an outside referral is recommended, you are responsible for those costs.  Your ability to pay and your health insurance benefits will be considered in referral options.

 Who is eligible for EAP services?

We generally define this as the employee and immediate family or household members, meaning those with whom you live that constitute a family.  This means you, your spouse, your kids and anyone else living in the home is eligible to receive counseling services.  You and your household members are automatically enrolled and can use the EAP for free as soon as you become an employee of the state (most universities have their own vendor; check with your HR Office).  If you need more specialized services or treatment, such as legal or financial services, the EAP will make referrals for additional treatment that may have an additional cost.

What are the therapist's qualifications?

All therapists are state licensed masters or doctoral level clinicians with years of counseling experience.   

 How often may I use the EAP services?

Generally you are allowed 6 sessions for each incident; currently, there is no limit on how many "incidents" a household may have per year.  This means your family may utilize the services year round as the need arises.  

What if I still need counseling after I use my EAP sessions?

Most people are able to resolve their problems within their EAP sessions but if you need additional counseling your counselor will help you to make that transition to either counseling available through your insurance plan or to community resources.  

How do I schedule an appointment for free counseling?

Two steps need to take place.  

1) Schedule an appointment with Enrichment Services.

This can be done by either calling, emailing, or scheduling online (scheduler).  Mention that you are a state employee wanting to schedule an appointment.  If you schedule online, choose the E4H option.  Calls and emails will be returned within 24 business hours.

2) Get a referral approval from E4H   844-208-7067 

You will need to call the EAP (E4H) and request a referral for counseling.  They may ask for your employee number and a few questions about your needs.  Tell them you have scheduled an appointment for counseling with Enrichment Services and need a referral.  They should then approve the need and issue a referral to Enrichment Services for free counseling.  

Next Step?

After scheduling an appointment and getting a referral from E4H.  The next step is to make sure that you show up for your appointment.  Please notify Enrichment Services at least 24 hours in advance should you need to change your appointment.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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NOTE:  Services below are for the Tallahassee and surrounding areas only.  If you are outside of the Tallahassee area, call 844-208-7067 to find help in your county.  Also, note that most state colleges and university employees DO NOT qualify, they have elected to have their own EAP services.