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NOTE:  Services below are for the Tallahassee and surrounding areas only.  If you are a state employee outside of the Tallahassee area, call 844-208-7067 to find help in your county.  Also, note that most state colleges and university employees DO NOT qualify, they have elected to have their own EAP services.   If you are not a state employee, check with your employer (HR dept) for the EAP services offered.

Free Counseling

Is available through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).  What your employer will cover depends on their contract with the EAP program.  We are a preferred provider for E4 Health, Magellan, and Cigna EAP programs.  Some of the employers we cover are the State of Florida(might not cover college/university employees),  US Postal Service, US Marshall's service, Starbucks, Federal Prison, Envision Credit Union, and many private businesses.  You can check with your employer's human resources or EAP program.

Our counseling services are located in Tallahassee, Florida.  If you cannot come to Tallahassee,

the EAP program should be able to direct you to a provider in your area.  

-Below is a sample flyer for State of Florida Employees-

free counseling

​​​​Enrichment Services Int. counseling center

Counseling for free.  Feeling burned out?  Need help?  We can assist you through stressful times and help you find relief and gain control of your life.  Serving Tallahassee area; primarily Leon, Gadsden, Taylor, Wakulla, and Madison counties in Florida.  Relationships, parenting, drug / alcohol abuse, domestic violence, adhd, anxiety, depression, job loss, and stress.  Utilizing the Employee assistance program gives you free confidential counseling; your supervisor / employer will never know you reached out for assistance.  You and your family are eligible for these services with most EAP programs.