We meet with clients by appointment.  

We also offer some evenings and weekend appointments on a limited basis

and in-home/office (work) sessions for an additional fee.  


                                                                       2018 Fee schedule

                                                             In-office counseling                           $120  per session *  
                                                             CSW Supervision                                $50 (group)  $80 (ind)

                                                             Phone sessions (30 Minutes)           $80
                                                             Phone sessions (50 Minutes)           $150
                                                             Evaluations                                         $200 ** 

                                                                                        VIP Intensive Program                      $1500 - $6000 a month

                                                                               (limited availability for VIP program)



If you have insurance, you might be able to be reimbursed for services for out of network,

check with your insurance company to know your benefits, deductibles, and reimbursement rates.

Note that most plans do not cover marriage or family counseling.

Fees may change at any time.
Some services may cost more or less.
Fee scale may change depending on individual situations. 
**Pro-bono and discounted rates provided on a case by case basis.
* Fee is discounted from normal rate of $150

Based on a 50-minute counseling session

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