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​​Life is full of beauty and wonder however, life can also be really, really hard at times.  

Life's challenges can bring about a world full of loneliness, overwhelming demands,

anxiety, and depression.  At those times it often becomes difficult to see the bigger

picture, we become blinded to living in a way that brings us deep satisfaction, meaning,

and joy.  Counseling will help you grow as an individual, you will learn more effective

personal development skills, how to improve your relationship with your self and others,

and how to let go of past hurts and move forward.  

You can rediscover happiness and meaning to your life.

Enrichment Services provides individual therapy for those struggling with life issues – or anyone hoping to strengthen self-esteem, foster better communication, or change beliefs or behaviors. Our therapists work with you to develop an action plan that will help you fulfill your true potential.  We walk alongside people in order to hear, understand, and then help. We focus on solutions: we help you set goals, make changes, and grow rather than staying stuck in endless discussions about “the problem.” Focused one-on-one counseling helps you make changes. Your sessions are tailored specifically to you, and are designed to address the issues that you want to solve.

Our therapists rely on proven techniques to help clients overcome struggles with anxiety, depression, anger management, grief and loss, and drug and alcohol abuse and addictions, among a number of other topics. In addition, we also provide career counseling and life coaching for those individuals who need guidance in other areas.

Working together with us, you can get on your way to truly living and enjoying life again! Whether you just  need a few “booster sessions” or you need the safe haven of solid and consistent support, individual counseling / therapy can help you move forward, become your best self, and live the life you deserve.

Counseling for anxiety and panic attacks
 Depression counseling
Counseling for addictions (drug, alcohol, etc.)
Counseling for “burnout” issues
Counseling to find deeper meaning and life purpose
Counseling for life transitions and changes
Counseling to improve your relationships (we offer this for individuals as well as for couples and families)
Help with finding your voice
Self-Esteem and Self-Care Counseling
Counseling to increase personal resilience and strength
Counseling to improve and establish healthy coping skills
Counseling to overcome negative thinking patterns and increase realistic optimism
Counseling to help you harness your motivation and focus
Counseling to overcome feelings of shame and increase your sense of being worthy of love and connection
Counseling to help you “get unstuck” and move forward in life
Counseling to help you with difficult decisions – we’ll help you clarify your objectives, understand your feelings of ambivalence or lack of trust in yourself, identify your support systems and how to access them, and support you as you choose the options that allow you to stay true to your values and move forward from a place of strength.

Life coaching to clarify your goals and achieve results

Health, diet, & nutrition coaching and guidance